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The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we once went about things. Businesses are closed, industries are facing substantial financial losses. Americans are unemployed. We can’t do much about these challenges. What we can do is lend ourselves to the aid of Americans who depend on community food banks. These facilities are frontline food providers, and they need masks, food safety gear, cleaning supplies, and many other resources. We want to bring attention to their needs and aid them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Will you help?

Join the team and be a part of the movement.

the issues

All around the country, people are facing unforeseen challenges and consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone has a new normal. What is not new and never normal in this pandemic or any other time, is food insecurity.

As of April 9, 2020, 1 in 10 Americans was unemployed. For many, a lack of financial resources results in a need for food banks.

Caregivers struggle to provide food for their families. Schools are closed; children can go hungry.

Our elderly members, already at high risk of contracting COVID-19, fight their way through supermarkets, battling other shoppers, low inventory, and elevated prices.

Our homeless population, often surviving on donations they receive from people on their daily routes, have become our most vulnerable.

Stay at home orders across America all but ended this practice.

Foodbank facilities and their personnel are at significant risk when they do not have appropriate personal protection equipment—masks, safety gear, and food supplies.

We want to do our part! For each T-shirt you purchase, we will donate $2 to help food banks purchase the equipment they need.

Your support is really needed so:

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Q: How will I know you’ve made the donations as promised?
A: Follow us on Twitter 
@WeRNewNormal1. Once donations are made for the nominated food bank and the funds reach $100, we will post the dollar amount and the facility. Once the funds have been sent, you can DM us for check information or call the facility directly to confirm.
Q: Why shouldn’t I just donate directly to the facility? 
A: You can and you should! We are a team of independent brand designers and pledging our God given talents, industry experience, and creativity to do our part in supporting those working the frontline of the pandemic. 

Q: How long before I get my order? A: You will receive your order in 5 to 10 business days unless there are unforeseen issues like shipping delays due to COVID-19.



Your help is much needed as we crowdsource using social media. Our unity and message of

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